Winter Hair Care Tips For Natural Hair India 2020

Winter Hair Care Tips For Natural Hair India 2020

Winter Hair Care Tips For Natural Hair India 2020

Topic : Winter Hair Care Tips For Natural Hair India 2020

Winter means cold winds and cold winds means taking extra care of your skin and hairs. Cold winds can be really hard on hairs. It turns the hairs brittle, lots and lots of split ends, roughness and takes out the natural shine.

Turn the Hot Water Down : I know it feels so good to take a hot shower especially when it’s cold outside. But if you want to care about your skin and hair, you should turn down the temperature. Keep it to as low as you can.

Wash less : If you are using mild shampoo and deep conditioning treatments but still feeling dry hair, then it’s best to wash hairs weekly once.

Oil Your Hair : Your scalp is drier and itchier than ever during the winter months because of the lack of moisture in the air. This leads to issues like dandruff and aggravated scalp irritation, which can lead to hair falls. So it’s necessary to apply a proper amount of oil during winters.

Dry Your Hair Correctly : Even though a blow dryer is the best tool if you wanna style your hair to perfection, it can also be really harmful to your hair as the heat can dry out your hair and scalp. So set up the right temperature of the drier to dry your hair. If you are using any tools like straightner or culrer then make sure you apply proper amount of serum.

Have Your Hair Trimmed : Try trimming your hair’s regularly so that the split ends and dry hairs will be reduced to an extent. After trimming don’t forget to use oil to seal your ends.

Wear a hat or a scarf : Protect your hair from the cold by covering up when you head outside. One suggestion is to line your wool or cotton hat. Or you could just wrap your hair in a scarf before putting on a hat.

Winter Hair Care - The hair will become long and thick
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Winter Hair Care – The hair will become long and thick

Every woman wants healthy, strong and thick hair, but it is difficult for everyone to fulfil this desire. Times are changing and our priorities are also changing with the modern lifestyle. When we do not take proper care of our hair, we face hair problems like hair loss, dandruff and two pimples. These problems are especially troubling in winter. To look beautiful and get healthy hair, at least we can apply oil to our hair properly.

Many shampoos are sodium laurial sulphate, this detergent is used primarily to remove oil from the hair. But long-term use of shampoos containing sulphate stole the essential natural oils that make the hair healthy and hydrated, making them dry. And the people who are sensitive to scalp, their scalp can also cause itching and swelling problems. At the same time, the risk of hair breakdown remains. Therefore, the use of sulphate containing shampoo should be used.

Due to its amazing qualities, aloe vera is a common component of most beauty products. To make aloe vera hair mask, take an aloe vera leaf and cut it from the center and remove its gel. Mix some drops of lemon juice in three large spoon gels. Mix both things well and apply it in your hair. Let this hair mask stay like half an hour, then wash your hair with water. Take this remedy once a week to keep hair healthy.